End of 2016 & Moving On!

Hey guys! It is the last day of 2016. Have you achieved all your goals and resolutions? Are you feeling happy at this very moment?

If you have not, do continue to strive harder & find your happiness!

I have maximised the storage of my current blog, yet again. So XQQ will be moving to a new space & do continue to give me your dearest support!


Signing off with much love ❤


Gold Class Experience

We had a pair of Gold Class Movie Voucher that is expiring in 2016 and only managed to utilise it on the very last day of 2016. Well, it is a good way to end our 2016 with class! 

I am glad we went for the movie, passenger, instead of the bf’s recommendation, the great wall.

Here’s some photos. Please ignore that pair of slippers sticking out under the blanket. Sitting with style with a nice row of comfortable chair behind. Saw how unsightly the photo above was and decided to clear up my space and hide my legs. And lastly, us. 

《没那么爱他》by 范玮琪

Yesterday, a friend quoted off the song 《没那么爱他》and sent it to me. I went to google the lyrics and listen to the song. Here sharing with you, the video from youtube and lyrics.

你有权利情绪化 你不一定要坚强
但有些事情 不能伪装 別为自己设了框

*我懂失去的悲伤 也懂進退的挣扎
但想起过去 都是失望 又何必要放不下

是习惯     還是愛 不放心 還是不甘心
只有你 自己知道解答

△其实你沒有那么爱他 真的不需要那么想他
编织过的梦想 自己也可以抵达 谁说一定要有他
其实你沒有那么愛他 沒有深陷到不可自拔 认清了真心话你就放得下

Repeat *,#,△

深呼吸 抬头望 发现天空很宽旷
这世界那么大 幸福总会在某个地方

其实你沒有那么爱他 真的不需要那么想他
拥有过的计划 留给值得的对象 你知道不会是他
其实你沒有那么爱他 沒有深陷到不可自拔 认清了真心话你就放得下


《比我幸福》by 陈晓东

Listening to this song makes my heart aches. In the drama, the female lead had this very special someone whom she loves and he who loves her back. At the same time, there is a second male lead who loves her and had all the while been there, loving her and protecting her.


望着广场的时钟 你还在我的怀里躲风
不习惯言不由衷 沉默如何能让你都懂
此刻与你相拥 也算有始有终
祝福有许多种 心痛却尽在不言中

请你一定要比我幸福 才不枉费我狼狈退出
再痛也不说苦 爱不用抱歉来弥补
请记得你要比我幸福 才值得我对自己残酷
我默默的倒数 最后再把你看清楚
看你眼里的我好糢糊 慢慢被放逐

放心去追逐你的幸福 别管我愿不愿
孤不孤独 都别在乎