I am who I am

Elyna Ng Xiao Qian aka 小倩  Hi There!! I am a soon-to-be 29 yrs old lady. I am one who weren’t afraid of disclosing how old and how heavy I am. 

I pledged to be an independent and strong woman. However, deep down, I always wanted to be treated like a little girl. 😋

I love great companies but I also love to be by myself. 

I love awesome conversations but I also love silent moments. 

I love well planned schedules but I also love impromptu suprises. 

Life is full of contradictions and so, why be so hard on yourself? 

There’s always different sides of people; and that applies to me. I can be crazily playful and I can be nonchalantly serious. 

Whichever it is, it is for you to bring out a difference in me. Good Luck 😉

P.s: I am back dating this post such that it will be the first post of my new blog! 

Last but not least, welcome to my new blog! Stay tuned for more posts 😆


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