Hanoi with *Ching (2)

  We took some photos outside out hotel while waiting for the tour bus to come pick us up for our 3D2N Halong Bay + Cat Ba Island Trip! 
And soon after, our most uncomfortable bus ride to Halong Bay started. A 4 hours bus-ride! Being a short asian, my legs fit pretty well between seats. As for the westerners, it was the most unbearable ride ever.  

 Reached the harbour and was picked up by a small boat, bringing us to our royal palace cruise.  

   Roamed around the cruise before lunch was served.  
 We were served with a royal 5 courses lunch!  

 Sceneries while cruising into the unknown.  

   After lunch, we went to pearl farm!  

   And then we left and head towards the surprising cave.  
   Limestones and more limestones.  
 Pardon the poor quality. Photos not taken with proper camera 😆  

 Back to our cruise. They served us some small bites before dinner.  

 And we were being served with royal 5 course dinner. Similar to lunch but different ingredients used. And the best was the Bun Cha! Remember the bbq pork meat I was talking about yesterday???  

 After dinner, we did some squid fishing before they started the entertainment night.  

   Haha! Didn’t have nicer photo of him. This is the barman with the whitest and widest smile on board. Always smiling when our eyes meet. Feeling pai seh whenever I had to smile back😜😆😳 
He not photogenic 😏 Our cruise manager more charismatic woohoo! Photo of him will be posted 2 days later 😋


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