Hanoi with *Ching (4)

Morning! Selfie first before heading out for breakfast! 

We checked out the breakfast in the hotel and was Super disappointed. Nothing is nice. Bread is hard. Coffee is bad. So we had a small bite and left for their local breakfast before going back to the “Bangalow”. 

We had to take the same mini boat back to the “Bangalow”. Today is so much better. Without the rain, we weren’t drenched! 

Some photos of the “Bangalow” before heading off with the boat to our Royal Cruise! Yesh! 3D2N Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island gonna come to an end! 

Along the way and before we reached our Royal Cruise. 

We had some beverages before the food demonstration (how to wrap a fresh spring roll). 

Was quite disappointed! We thought it is cooking demonstration but there isn’t any cooking involved! ​

We had a hands on experience. What’s so difficult about wrapping a spring roll?!!! 

Nice right 😝😝😝 

Presenting to you, the most charming man on board! Our cruise manager who can speak English and Mandarin well!!! 

Cruise Manager asked me to take a photo of this! Chicken-fighting??? One popular spot along halong bay!

And it is time to say goodbye to Royal Cruise.

And we had to endure the same long bus ride back to mainland hanoi! Pit stop – where we bought snacks and mailed our postcards! 

We are the last few to drop off at hotel! Long wait for our WooHoo-Hotel!!! 

We went for massage before dinner and shopping! 

Finally it is time to ENJOY! 

Cong Caphe (again) before Dinner! I tried the iced coffee with coconut ice cream. And the verdict is – no-no for me! I rather have their normal iced coffee! 

Dinner Time!!! We need something that is not Spring Roll!!Meat for Dinner!!! 

Ending my day with Dessert!


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