Penang (1)

  Our first flight of the year – zoom to Penang; the land of char kuay teow! 
 And of course, our 1st meal with Char Keow Teow! With Assam Laksa, Fried Oysters & Chendol. Joo Hooi Cafe.  

 And after lunch, we walked random alley towards Clan Jetties. Totally charred under the scorching sun. Passby this place and had to stop for some Ice.  

 And coincidentally found some street arts right where we sat for Ice. 





 Yeah! Finally reached Chew Jetty! One of the jetties at the Clan Jetty!  

 Nothing much at Chew Jetty other then rows of shops selling local products and souvenirs. So near to the water but still freaking HOT!  

 Continue in search of street art.  

 Happened to passby Ghee Hiang and I decided to just buy it right there and then instead of waiting until the last day (just in case we didn’t manage to passby it any other day).  

   WL helped to carry my heavy buys for a period of time.  
   And on our way back to Hotel, we passby a few more street arts. Or did I purposely make a detour to see those street arts? Maybe I did… Something which WL is unhappy about and only said it on our very last day of the trip.  
 Anyway, I knew he isn’t very comfortable carrying those heavy bags even though he insisted that he should be the one carrying it. However, after a few more street and almost reaching the hotel, I insisted of taking my bag back from him. It is not as if I can’t handle it, just a matter of choice to have him handle it.  

   A stop that I insisted just cause it is kinda pretty… 
   After 6 shoots and this…hahaha 😆  
 We put down our stuff in the hotel and left for dinner at Lebuh Presgrave. The famous hokkien prawn mee and lor bak were the best! The best meal ever in this trip.  

   This bowl of goodness, has got many add-ons in it. All the pork-related goodies…  
 Some selfie with the streets.  

 After dinner, we went “grocery” shopping. Moscato was from airport while chips, strawberries and cakes were from the mall.

After planning the Itinerary for tomorrow (credit to me), I was too tired to wait till midnight and so I started setting up the “table” for celebration! 

What celebration? It’s the boyfriend’s 29th birthday!  

 And then it is Good Night for the day. We had a long day of walking… 


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