Penang (3)

Morning! I told WL that I cannot take it anymore and had to wear something sleeveless and so we bought new too!!! Something I am eyeing at since Day 1!  

 And today, I remembered to take an ootd before heading out for breakfast!  

 We are back to the same area for breakfast (beside the tiger char kuay teow shop was my yesterday’s breakfast place – eel balls noodles soup) but this time round we had something GOOD!  

 Lor Mee and Char Kuay Teow (again)!  This Char Kuay Teow was fried with Duck Egg! More fragrant than fried kuay teow with Chicken Egg. 

After breakfast, we decided to check out the Chowrasta Market (1 of our checkpoints). Along the way, we pass by this… 

 Curry Mee that was recommended in Brochures. And so we stopped for another round of breakfast! Look at that! My 1st with Pig Blood —- eeeekk 🙊 It is kinda tasteless or maybe i ate it with lots of curry soup!  

 After curry mee, we continued our walk towards the Chowrasta Market!!! 让你开开眼见!

After marketing, we went back to Hotel for a swim before heading towards the mall for a Movie!  

 After movie, it was still quite early for our high tea buffet, so we decided to walk towards the hotel instead of taking a shuttle bus!  

 Yes! WL wanted to bring me to E&O Hotel for a high tea buffet! But… The restaurant was close in preparation of some event and hence, we didn’t manage to had it. 

So we walked out and towards Love Lane to check out the Selfie Cafe!  

 Street art along the way… 

 And finally a place with air con! We ordered a cup of selfie coffee with some lunch set. Luckily only 1 cup! Mocha, what we ordered, wasn’t nice at all and most importantly the picture printed was of such poor quality! Saturated color! I can’t even see a single bit of our feature.  

 And I decided on chicken chop lunch set that comes with a soup and drink. They served egg toast with the soup. Not so bad… 

 Haha! Unglam photos again (partial).  

 And then we walked to a place for nonya kuehs!!!  

 The nonya kuehs were super nice!!! Every single piece was really soft and chewy! And it is cheap; 50 cents to 1.50 dollars in ringgit!!!  

   More buildings and street art!  
   I love 如意油! Always need it to massage my tummy when it is feeling bloated 😆  
 And the last street art of the day:  

   I told WL I wanted a section of the alley and the street art aligned to the breadth of the photo and this is what I got after many shoots 😂😭  
 Enough of the sun, we walked to the mall for a break and had a huge bowl of Chendol!  

   Dinner at New Lane Hawker! Mains and many sides! We had charcoal char kuay teow (again), fried oysters (again) and popiah for our 1st round. Then we packed lor bak, rojak, muah chee, fried drums and fried chicken skin to Time Square for our 2nd round dinner. 

How can we not get fat together????? 
   And I took photos with bumble bee! After dinner, we went into Time Square for a walk and surprisingly saw many robots on display!  
 My Favourite Iron Man!!!  

   And lastly, the sexy photo 🙈😜😁


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