Penang (4)

Last day of our Penang trip!  

 I remembered ootd before heading out for breakfast! Today our plan is to check out Chowrasta Market!  

   We had two rounds of breakfast before taking a walk around the place in search for street arts!!! Our last chance 😆  
   And then, we went back hotel to pack and check out!  
   Ok, I looked quite dead! I am really very tired from the whole trip. Physically and Mentally strained.  
   On the way to airport, saw this pretty art work on the wall!  
 We got our boarding pass printed and had an early lunch in the airport. Prata with White Coffee (Original and Durian) and a slice of Chocolate Cake as Dessert.  

   Selfie by the window before i swapped seat with dear (because the little girl behind was kicking the back of my seat and I couldn’t sleep). 
This marks the end of our Penang Trip!


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