Thank You Mr Teo

Yes! Mr Teo saved me by passing me his Penang’s Itinerary just a day before my trip with bf. I am super thankful for his effort and time spent explaining to me when he actually need the time for his work.

His food list and Itinerary was well utilised by me every night where I had to sit down to plan the itinerary.

And so, I decided to give him some goodies from Penang and treat him to dinner.

Tada! Modesto @ Vivo! Haha! Did you notice that my pizza was filled with chili flakes? Oh and that’s Mr Teo!

We are not in for shopping aimlessly so before he sent me home, we stopped by Holland Village for Dessert at Daily Scoop. His turn to foot the bill.

Tada! Crispy waffle with chocolate ice cream. Mr Teo knows I like chocolate flavor 😆

  Thank You la! Meet up again soon! *LOL* I am like talking to myself cos I didn’t go around disclosing my blog address 🙈
Oh ya! Let me introduce a little. Mr Teo is my secondary school classmate (and now, a very good friend). He is a JC chemistry teacher.

P.S. Usually I don’t go around taking photos of guys. Not unless I am on holiday and that guy is good looking. Well, to give him some credits for his itinerary and to show my gratitude, I just had to snap some photos – for blogging purposes 🙊


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