Nightlife w Colleagues

Today was the promotion ceremony and the colleagues-friends decided to hang out for dinner and drinks!!!

We had dinner at Mont Calzone Pizza & Bar! Their pizza isn’t fantastic while the pasta really did save the day!

After dinner, we walked towards club street in search for a drinking place to chill at.

In total we had, 1 Sangria Red, 1 Sangria Cava, 1 Ochoa Blanco & 4 Honoro Vera.

All thanks to all those, XQQ was so drunk that she puked and zonked out for the very first time.

By 1030pm, I already had 2 small glasses of Sangria Red, 2 small glasses of Sangria Cava, 1 glass of Ochoa Blanco and 3 glasses of Honoro Vera.

And the moment I stopped and rest, that’s it for me. I felt really drunk. Then I rest. I “woke” up feeling dizzy. Oh my world is spinning. I am spinning.

And then at about 1130pm, I puked! Not once but quite a few times for the next hour. I am really glad the trash bin is right beside me. Can I say, I feel good puking 😆

Haha! Steph was there to hold my bag and check on me. YL was there to hold me still on my high stool. Huining was there to make sure I don’t spill anything on the table. Who else?

Only stupid Charles keep saying I am ok. Apparently he was more drunk than me.

Hahaha! Anyway, it was a fun April’s Fool night! I am not at all paiseh over my 丑态! Hope my friends forgive me 😆

Luckily there was Steph around. She carried my bag and held me to her car, put my seat belt on, and sent me all the way to my door! Gosh! 😳☺️😚😊

It was also a night where I am glad WL is my boyfriend 😆


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