How to Kiss a Girl

Heh Heh! I googled how to kiss a girl! Not that I am going to kiss one but I am blogging to tell you guys, how a girl likes to be kissed.

I took reference from a blog and gonna write in my own lingo. Well, I am not a superb kisser but I am a good one la (just whether you are one to test it out only 😜). Kidding!

So here you go…

1) Tease

Your lips can do many tricks then simply just kiss your date, your girlfriend or your wife. It does not necessary need to be planted hard onto those lips. Tease & Seduce. Well, please make sure your lips aren’t dry and chappy before you try to glide anywhere else.

2) Your hands

Blogger Lori Ann said that kissing is 1 instrument in the symphony of sensual connection and your hands can be a beautiful accompaniment. Hold the face, the back or the shoulders. Stroke the hair maybe (back of the head). Put your hands to good use for a fuller kissing experience.

3) Eye contact

Not stare but look lovingly. Haha congrats if you have mesmerising eyes. Every now and then part those lips and have some eye contact.

4) Nothing in the way

Kiss and have nothing in the way. When I said nothing in the way, it meant just kiss and do nothing else and nothing more. So don’t be a turn off.

5) Risk

Surprise her with a kiss.


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