Southern Ridges Walk

Did a research on walks in natural reserves and suggested southern ridges walk to the bf! And so, we went for it!

We had a sinful lunch before starting the walk from Marang Trail (Exit D of Harbour Front MRT Station). Le Bf told me that all his friends got bitten by mossies and so I decided to just spray insect repellents!

The trail begins with stairs and more stairs (that’s the only part which makes us pant). *I think my bf dying from a lack of breathe…

Right at the top of the hill is Faber Peak! One side of the peak faces the cable car and the other side faces some HDB Flats.

After taking photos with the Jewel Cable Car, we left Faber Peak towards Henderson Waves.

   After a short walk, we reached Henderson Waves.
Henderson Waves was quite peaceful that afternoon. No crowds – probably because of the time & weather. After passing-by Henderson Waves, we continued down the path towards Forest Walk.

Never a dancer. I did this by laying down flat and coming back up. Instead of straight into the position from upright stand. The forest walk leads us to Alexandra Arch. And we took the main road towards Labrador Park MRT Station.
   And I started all my crazy “stunts” at Labrador Park / Boardwalk.
Oh…I need to do more stretching to perfect the split. That’s the best I can do – bending of the stiff back.
  The bf had to activate his calves muscles to hold in position for me to take this photo.
It was meant to be in the opposite direction (butt facing camera), but it was too unglamorous. Improvised and did a frontal view. If only I have slimmer legs…
Aiya, should have do a straighter pose for the photo. *Maybe the bf didn’t caught it.Pardon me for my fat thighs. Am really considering doing liposuction – not the painful conventional methods tho.
 Ended our 4 hours walk and headed back to ViVo City!

  Oh Yea! Edited photos = Flawless Skin. LOL 0_0


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