Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) has officially concluded – 16 episodes!

I am sure many fans of the DOTS are hoping for some Encore (Will the 3 additional special episodes be broadcasted?) ?? I hope to see more of the handsome faces. Charismatic moves. Cheesy & Sweet lines (awwww moments).

I have managed to catch up with the rest by completing all 16 episodes within the last few days without even fast forwarding any moments! Staring hard at the screen to read the English Subtitles and….the mesmerising glances!!

After 16 episodes, which 3 male actors attracted you?

For me, that would be none other than, the male lead, Song Joong-Ki (as Captain Yoo Shi Jin aka Big Boss). Followed by the 2nd lead, Jin Goo (as Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young aka Wolf). Last but not least, Lee Seung-Joon (as General Surgeon Dr. Song Sang Hyun).

Heex ^_^ I pretty much love the character played by Lee Seung-Joon, cute & humorous and serious at times. The serious looking face of Jin Goo in his gladiator shades and the moments where he pulled his love, 1st lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju, into his embrace. Whereas for Song Joong-ki, all girls love him for the same reason (I assumed).

Colleagues were telling me that they are worried of crying too much and so avoided watching the drama in the public. After hearing what they said, I anticipated myself crying a whole lot from watching this drama. But, I didn’t. For someone who has really LOW-crying-point, I am really surprised.

Maybe, I have grew stronger & tougher. Or, maybe, something within me has changed.


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