Health = Beauty

Baby sis introduced to me a rather not-so-new korean drama – Oh My Venus!!! Managed to complete 16 episodes in 2 days (non-stop on a sunday afternoon). And I cried really badly while watching episode 13. Oh! My Kim Young Ho 😍

Some of the very meaning taglines such as “if you believe you can do it, you can do it” or “if you’re still hanging there, you aren’t at your limit yet” are very encouraging.

Apart from those, one of the very important message that I got from it is, health is the new beauty! Without good health, one will not be as beautiful. With good health, one will be more beautiful.

I, have much feelings for this. I, have been through something that I won’t want to go back again.

 That was me in 2010. I was around 50kg, then.

  And then this was me in 2012. Lost 2kg in 2 weeks or so from a lack of appetite. Root cause = heartaches.

Just so happen, in the same period, my mum decided to bring me to a doctor to get some medication for my poor digestive system. My appetite became so good that I gained 8kgs in 2 months.    
 I couldn’t find any photo of just me and myself. Those were the period where my face look less sunken, arms became flabbier, waistline became wider and thighs became rounder.

I didn’t realised I gained 8kgs until family, friends and colleagues around me started commenting about me looking fatter. So, I went to take a good look at my photos and indeed, I grew fat.

I was depressed. Really depressed.

2nd to 3rd quarter of 2013, I made up my mind to go on a diet. Real diet.

Maintaining a deficit calories on a daily basis. Skipped all lunches with my colleagues and did 30-45mins of running in the gym during lunch hour.

There are some menu I follow for a meal:

  1. Cereal
  2. Veggie crackers (6 pcs) & Soy Milk
  3. Cereal in Skim Milk
  4. Cucumber, Carrots & Tomatoes
  5. 2 Slices of Bread (maybe)
  6. Soup (i think)

Did I eat? Maybe I didn’t…

  I lost weight rapidly. Almost and Almost went back to 49-50kgs.

BUT, I wasn’t happy. I am more depressed then ever. I didn’t had good food. I didn’t had great companions. Nobody cared. Nobody was concern.

Crash diet for few months. Diet pills. Wearing corset and compression leggings 24/7.

I then went on to sign gym package. It made me visit the gym at least 3 times a week, for few hours of cardio and strength classes. Coupled with deficit calories food intake (like 2 slices of bread on a daily basis for dinner), I managed to stay slim, yet complaining fat. Still doing it unhealthily (too little food & lots of exercises – lack of nutrients).

I ate clean food and that improves my skin complexion. That’s the only thing that I can be happy about.

One worry that I had, was, my menses issue. My period only came visiting once every 4 months. And even when it came visiting, it ain’t of healthy volume.

I was glad my besties urged me to have a check. After contemplating for months, I finally went to get a referral to see a gynaecologist. I did blood test and ultrasound. Indicators tell me that I am fine.

Since my conditions are well, the cause of it had to be my diet and/or lifestyle. I had only 2 routes to try: to start eating or to continue my regime. And that was when I decided to start eating and do moderate exercises. Slimming down can wait. Dieting can wait.

But, health don’t wait.

In <Oh My Venus>, there is this female actress who went through consistent crash diet, coupled with stress and consumption of anti-depressant medications, in which it caused thinning of vagina wall. With irregular menses, this female actress was dignosed not being able to get pregnant in the drama.

How sad would that be, when I almost become like her.

And now, I am sad that I am still fat but I am not depress. Back then when medical screening is nearing, serious dieting would start for me. But now, I still lead the life as per normal (and even went for a buffet dinner last night).


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