Treetop Walk @ Macritchie

Trying to be healthy, I suggested another walk to WL. And since there isn’t any plans for our weekends, I initiated a plan. 

My arms and legs look very tanned right? I kinda like it. All thanks to my Tasmania trip follow by Penang trip and last week’s Southern Ridges walk. 

We had a long walk before we reaches treetop. 

Ok, I am similing right?! Actually my whole body was shaking while standing at such a height. The treetop bridge is a little wobbly and it moves even more when this uncle behind me just couldn’t slow down. Stressing me from behind! 

Phew! After just a few second down the bridge, I think I am so done with treetop walk. We took another hour or so to walk out from Mcritichie to Bukit Timah Natural Reserve Area. 

That’s where we changed up and had our early sinful dinner! 


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