New haircut yet again

Yeah!! I have been conplaining about my messy frizzy unmanageable hair to my friends at work!! Usually I will rebond my hair every 5 months or so when it become unmanageable but this time round, I had to wait till May (that’s like 6-7mths from my previous rebonding) to rebond my hair. Reason being, I need to make sure my hair is manageable till July for my trip to Korea!!! 

My friends recommended me to go for protein or keratin treatment etc… I happened to chance upon keratin treatment shampoo, conditioner and serum at Watsons. Bought and tried and it really works. Tho I had to blow dry my hair and thong it every night. 

Finally it is May 2016! My appointment with Kelly is here! Rebonding – The Savior!  

Tada!!! No more trouble over drying or combing of hair!! No more hassle!! 

The hair only look that good on the actual day of rebonding – all thanks to kelly for blowing it well. I simply don’t have the skill to do it so it ended up flat from day 2 onwards. 


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