Wan Theng’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Wan Theng!!!!

As requested by the birthday girl, we went to this shop at plaza sing to have the collagen ramen!!! 

I am crazy over collagen and I think many of my friends knew about it. I would take anything that says – collagen. For example, pig skin! That’s the only skin of an animal (excluding fish) that I eat. 

Lunch ended early and we roamed around PS aimlessly. Going into sephora (cos WC said she has got 20% storewide discount from her black card) and various fashion stalls. 

Birthday celebration continues straight after lunch in our big meeting room. 

With Swensens Oreo Ice-Cream Cake. I thought most of us love ice cream but apparently many aren’t a fan of ice-cream in a cake. Hahaha so no more ice-cream cake!! 

That’s our birthday girl – Wan Theng making a wish “on” her birthday! 

I didn’t had any photo of her similing while cutting cake, so that’s all I am going to post!

Oh yes, we forgot to take a group photo before finishing our cake but we did take a few after: Guess what wantheng is holding?!! It’s Wei Chen’s unfinished slice of cake! While I left a plate of cream, WC left half a slice of cake. 
So who is the one that waste food ha?!! 😜 

Belle took some boomerang video of everyone: Enjoy!


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