Keith & Huiru ‘s Wedding

Very honoured to be invited to Keith&Huiru’s Wedding Day! Here wishing them a blissful marriage life! A few of my colleagues were also being invited, both my DDs and 2 of my Managers. I have worked under all of them before!!! 

I was trying to get an individual shoot with him and my DD photobomed it (look at the ghastly-looking image of a man behind). And so, we took another one. 

And he finally make it to the spot where he wants to stand at. Haha! 

Photo taken by Thomas without focussing well. 

Was served with a glass of red wine, plain water and a cup of tea. 

The march-in video taken by Thomas: 

The first dish served the Sucking Pig. Apparently the men at our table love it so much that we had two additional plates brought over from another table. 

The only photo I took of the food. Simply too amazing to see so many plates of the sucking pig head! 

Henry Foo was telling us how awesome the cheek of the pig is. So Viv and I tried and decided thats enough for us. It is just a mouthful of fats melting in your mouth. I am serious! 

We made a comment to Henry, saying we thought he is health conscious and the gym-type of man. Couldn’t believe that he is indulging in thise meat and fats. Haha! 

Here’s some photos taken by Thomas of us:

 Busy peeling prawns. 

Nice and proper photos of us. 

Followed by candid shots! Also by Thomas – I think he is a fan of us 😜 

A photo of us with Mr Leong, our ex-DyGDSC. So glad that he remembers all our names!!! 

My first photo with Henry Foo.

Oh Thomas quite tall! Haha!

Here’s more photos: 

The couples! 

The beer drinker!

Candid shots of thomas taken by Viv. 

Lastly, with the groom. Insisted on selfie because it will make his head looks big while ours will be small. Not my idea…haha! 


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