Recently, many of us started wearing spectacles to work. Yi Li, Melissa and myself!!! It is not a trend!!! 

For myself, It started with me having super blur vision after wearing contact lens for long duration. It started scaring me off, thinking that there is something wrong with my eyes. 

I went to the opician and she said my eyesight is a bit weird. This doesn’t calm me down. Seriously! 

She got me to wear spectacles for a week before going back to her. That was when I made a new pair of spectacles with blue-rays protection. That means my eyes will be protected from staring at the computer at work. 

Truthfully speaking, the spectacles indeed makes my eyes less painful from staring at the computer. And so I have been wearing then quite often. 

Of cos, I am still very vain. Contact lens will still be my choice for special occasions! 


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