Missing Curry Peng

Was telling WC that we haven’t been having Curry Peng at CSM for quite a long while. Last time we used to have it together with SeoHoon and Lily when HF is still in Singapore. 

Now that HF is away, we kinda lost touch with Curry Peng! Our Curry Peng Group Chat also becane quiet! 

After this conversation with WC, she suggested to our lunch kakis to have curry peng! We had it all planned but last minute I withdraw myself from the lunch. Haix…cause I am not feeling quite well – all of a sudden! And true indeed…

I fight the uncomfort through the meeting from 4-7pm. And then proceeded through dinner with WL. Finally reached home, bathed and concussed right away! 

It’s been a long while since I had bodyache and fever all at once. Not developed from a flu. Just all of a sudden – fever came attacking. 


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