Fighting a War

This quarterly review meeting we had with the boss is always a war time for us. For the secretary, she have to go through a month of hell time. As for the rest, they probably had to spend some time running through statistics with their bosses and prepare for war time. And the actual day of meeting = war time! 

Today we had lots of hiccups! Haha! It started with setting up at the laptop and the screen just doesn’t light up. Then there is not enough chairs to fill everyone and so some of us are busy getting chairs from other rooms. 

And it developed! We managed to shift to a bigger meeting room and so everyone started moving into another room. Then we set up and met with problem with the projector again. Haha! Oh…but our secretary is on the phone settling some other stuff. 

Haha! It is a must for her to take a day off after the war! Good Luck! Jia You! Rest Well 😁 

The back bencher got quite worried when bosses’ faces got quite impatient during the meeting. But felt so helpless!!! 

Maybe today is just not the day…

War just don’t stop right away…it is going to continue…

Stay tuned 😂


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