Our 1st with Bola

WL & I were standing in front of Cocoa Colony looking at their desserts display fridge. I am eyeing their cakes while he was eyeing st the Bola. 

Since we didn’t try a Bola before and so we went for it. 

Ok! So what’s a Bola! It looks like a mega ball at a glance. Wondering what’s inside? It is actually EMPTY! 

It is just a biscuit ball! After you hammered it, pick up those pieces of biscuits, dipped in the chocolate and put it into your mouth. Oh! Gelate! Hahaha! 

The BF did the first few hits while I took the last few hits to break it up! That’s when he made a remark saying that next time we shouldn’t have a hammer at home.

Anyway, to the BF, this girl over here is pretty strong! I don’t need a hammer you know… Muahahaha! 


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