Wednesday with Watami

I had a thing for Watami Salad! I think it is a well known “secret”. Hahaha! I was pretty sad when I couldn’t order an ala carte Watami Salad at their Orchard Ion outlet. However, the menu at Star Vista is still the same – and that’s the outlet I would visit if I am craving for some Watami Salad. 

Today, we are feeling hungry and rich, so instead of ordering two ala carte items, we went for dinner set for 2!!! 

Our dinner set comprises: Watami Salad, Fried Tofu with Mentai Cheese, Grilled Salmon, Wafu Pizza, Beef Don & 2 Drinks! 

I am always happy with Watami. Their food is sinfully nice and some what healthy (if you choose to order the healthier option). Food can never go wrong with cheese, teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise sauce, grilled meat, beef and Watami Salad! 

Watami Salad is freshly-made with my favourite pumpkin, chicken slices, cherry tomatoes and tuna!!! There are fresh shrimps too. Minus the onions (which I don’t eat) and crunchy cereals. It is simply perfect when eaten with Sesame Sauce as a meal by itself. 

Haha! So much for complimenting their Watami Salad. Wafu Pizza is my new found love; introduced by my PFM gang peeps! Crispy thin crust pizza topped with chicken slices and mayonnaise. I think I can finish the whole pizza by myself because it is soooo thin and crispy! You will lost count with the number of slices after awhile. 

This was how the BF tried to stir his Beef Don. Cannot take it any longer, stopped the video and did it for him. Haha! I find that the rice bowl has got too little gravy but thankgoodness for the egg, the rice bowl was quite moist in the eggy-sense. 


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