Sis’s Birthday Part 1

Sis’s Birthday is coming and since she had a day off after the last day of her school examination before commencing work again, I suggested that we go out and have some fun! 

We woke up very early and prepare to go into JB City Square for a day of activities! 

We sang karaoke from 10-1pm and baby sis ended up with no voice! Photos taken using her Samsung! Good to use Samsung under low light!!! My iPhone can’t meet this standard!

From iPhone: 


After K, we bought movie ticket for My New Sadsy Girl (A korean movie) before going for quick lunch. 

Other then the Portuguese Tart, the food is nothing fanciful. If not for our rush programme, we would have go for better food! 

After movie, we had high tea at Secret Recipe! 

After high tea, we had to make our way back to SG as sis had a second round with her friends. 

Happy Birthday Sis!!! 


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