Butter Cake n Cream

Celebrated YanHui’s Birthday at ButterCake n’ Cream. It is a cozy cafe at Sunset Way (Clementi). That’s when your friends are all Westerners, you get to visit places in the West for Dinner! 

We sat there waiting for more to come for quite awhile before we order our food. 

This was mine! Grilled Salmon with Rosti and Roes! Color difference between photos because I had to brighten the one that my face is in (if not it would just be a black patch). 

There’s a few mains that we had: 

Fish Burger.


Teriyaki Chicken. One of the must-eat at the Cafe.

Pork Chop with Sausage! One of the best! Pork tasted like taiwan sausage!!! 

There’s some sides and colorful drinks. Soup and Cheesy Fries.

Rainbow lemonade – Nice to see, not nice to drink.

After Dinner, we had a Cake Cutting Session. Special candles lighting up….

Sparkling candles made the birthday girl happy and flustered!!! 

Happy Birthday Girl, Happy Us! 


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