Sis’s Birthday Part 2

The family celebrated Sis’s Birthday at Good Chance Popiah (AGAIN). Reason being it is located within reasonable drive from our house and ther is Air-Condition!!! 

They had quite a good variety of dishes to choose from, that pulls off well as a zi char restaurant. We tried their popiah the previous time when we were there and so, no more popiah this time round. 

We ordered everything in medium-size as advised by Dad but it is kinda too much for us (I did finish all up). The best is probably the fried 虾枣! If not for my medical screening tomorrow, I would have eaten more! 

The vegetables and tofu are pretty normal. Steamed fish is nice but salty. Salted vegetables soup is not as good as my mum’s! Oysters egg is the most disappointing one! 

At the price that I am paying, I could have bought 5 plates from a good hawker stall! With nicer Oysters Egg and Chilli! Well, I had to say that the Oysters are big and fresh (the only consoling point). 

Forgotten to bring camera, so here’s a lousier quality one. Didn’t realise that they are all in different shades of pink. 

The Sisters!


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