1st with DRx Clinic

Have been hearing a lot from my colleagues about DRx Clinic. The clinical treatments and products are mostly for blemish/acne/oily skin! 

As for me, I am a dry-skin! And why am I there for???

I have been having problems with milia seeds for many years and have been thinking about getting rid of it. *Bear in mind, milia seeds can still pop out*

I had my facial package with Cityspa @ Shine Studio. They used to tell me that they had milia seeds removal treatment but I wasn’t ready to spend money then. Then there is a period of time where they said I should take up diamon peel package for my milia seeds. ALL LIES! How can a diamond peel remove those OLD Milia Seeds???!!! I had diamond peel in my facial package and the lady actually told me those can’t be rid off! 

Ok! Back to my 1st experience with DRx Clinic. They have many staff sitting at the recept counter and hence, the registration was quite swift and smooth. 

Then after the registration, I was being called into the doctor’s room for my consultation. As I have quite a bit of makeup on, the assistant helped to remove them while the doctor start looking at my face with this LED-magnifying glass! 

This is so so so embarrassing! So consious to be without makeup. (But I still went home without touching up).

After having a good look at my face, the doctor went on to explain about the procedures, the possible impact like scarring and infection and then highlighted that milia seeds will still come back. 

He noticed that I had some eczema and he prescribed some medication and tell me that I shouldn’t use any facial product that contains alcohol as it will further dehydrate my dry-skin. I shouldn’t be using toner and harsh cleanser during my eczema outbreak. Good and effective moisturiser also help to protect my skin from frequent outbreak. 

And so, after hearing those, this is my buys: 

Giving their “H” Hydrator and “IM” Intensive Moisturizer a try. Elonet and Hydroortisone for my eczema! 

That’s how I spent my half day leave!


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