Collen & Dennis @ 280516

Today is the day where Collen & Dennis became Husband & Wife. Collen, our ex-colleague, someone who speak without a fullstop, has finally wedded! 

We attended her wedding lunch at Park Royal on Beach Road. The ballroom is in the shape of a rectangle with 24 tables. A pretty short aisle for the bride and groom (but definitely enough for their mini cutish dance-march-in.). Haha it is funny seeing how awkward Dennis is. 

Congratulation to our dearest Collen. And yes, may you have a baby semi-colon and a baby fullstop soon 😄 

A great catch up with William, Chaoyin & Yongming!!! Speaking about Chaoyin, she is pregnant with a baby boy and due in August 2016! Congrats!!!! I am so so so envious that a preggy woman can still stay as slim as ever during her pregnancy and only putting on some meat around the preggy womb! *thumbs up*

Wedding flavor came in two choices. A mini mug and a mini owl (piggy-bank). This is SO-Collen! She and her favourite Owl. 

And a selfie! Cos’ I tried my very best to curl the ends of my hair ✌🏻️


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