Milia Seeds Treatment (MST)

I have been troubled over having stubborn milia oil seeds on my face for years, especially so for those that grew around my eyes! They were so big and unsightly! 

Upon friend’s recommendation, I decided to go for a consultation at DRx Clinic. Without requesting for any particular doctor, I got Dr. Hsu. According to all my friends, he is the most good looking doctor in the clinic. Well, not too bad in person, I would say! 

I have to undergo electrocautery to remove those milia oil seeds. It is a simple 30 minutes procedures for the whole face. 

Now, here it goes… (Photos below are not for weak heart! I am very serious about it.)

After registration and signing of indemnity form, I was being brought into the preparation room to cleanse the face and application of anaesthetic. The process took about 15mins (including of the waiting time for the anaesthetic to take effect).

Ok! This went through beauty camera! 

Then I was being brought to the treatment room. This room is very well lit for the purpose of treatment, of course! 

The assistant removed the cream on my face before Dr. Hsu starts the procedure! (Oh, I am suprised that the doctor remembered that I couldn’t make it for treatment last week because of the wedding lunch. He also remembered the spots of my ezcema that has already recovered.) 

Quoted from DRx Website:

Also referred to as thermal cautery, Electrocautery is a safe procedure in which a direct current is passed through a resistant metal wire electrode that generates heat. The heated electrode is then applied to the skin tissue to achieve varying degrees of skin tissue ablation, thereby removing moles on the skin. Merely a week’s downtime, the process is fast, safe and painless, and with our doctors personally administering the treatment. 

Dr. Hsu starts with my nose bridge, to forehead then to side of face, jawline and eyes area. Constant burnt smell makes me crave for bak kwa!

To say that there is no pain at all, I will be lying! It is stingy and the pain is quite bearable. Right after the treatment, Dr Hsu asked me to make an appointment for a review, 6 weeks after the procedures.

Right after the procedures, the assistant applied antibiotics followed by sunblock before leaving me with a face mask as per my request. 

This is me, without makeup, right after the procedure. No filter, no beauty camera.

While waiting for medication, I had to put on my spectacles to block a bit of my dark eye circles. No filter, No beauty camera. 

Talking about dark eye circles. It is verified by doctor that my dark eye circles will never fade or go away. All thanks to my sensitive nose 0_0 

Thank goodness there isn’t much milia oil seeds on my forehead, so the face mask did well to cover up. No filter, No beauty camera. 

And now, let me uncover my ugly face. Prepare your heart for horror! No filter, No beauty camera.

The electrocautery removes the milia oil seeds and I am left with mini holes on my face. 

Hopefully the face can recover soon enough (minus the scars from chicken pox). 

Thank You Dr Hsu! 


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