Milia Seeds Treatment (Day 3)

First thing in the morning, wash up and take photo. No filter. No beauty camera. 

The face looks fine under low light. It always look so much better in the morning as compared to later in the day. 

Ok. I started experiencing some itchiness while wounds started to heal progressively.

Today was the first day ever, I left home for work, without makeup. Totally bare face but hidden behind spectacles and face mask. 

My wounds got quite red in the afternoon. I was super shocked to see those fresh red wounds after washing my face during lunch hour. Re-applied the antibiotics and moisturised my face. 

I couldn’t air my face much as I have many visitors at my cubicle. Haha! Quite stuffy having to hide behind the mask. 

As of now, my wounds are more or less dried up (except for those around the eyes). Started to feel more itchy and not sure why, a little pain sensation at the eyes area where bigger wounds are. 

Praying hard it is not due to infection. 


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