Milia Seeds Treatment (Day 4) 

I think the progress of my skin healing is taking up quite a bit of time; longer than most people. Primarily because I have got super big milia seeds around my eyes. 

But today, I have decided to start putting on makeup. Just a layer of BB-Cushion on top of my Sunscreen without anything else. 

And before that, photo first! No filter. No beauty camera. 

Actually, the skin in the morning looks much fine as compared to night time. The dark eye circles are less obvious. Skin looks brighter as well. 

Wounds generally are around my eyes and sides of my forehead. Nearer to my jawline. 

Yeah!! Even after makeup, the scars around my eyes are still quite visible. So I covered it up with my special anti-blue-rays big-framed spectacles! 

Haha! I love beauty camera! 

And here’s another one without filter and beauty camera. Got diff right?!!! 🙈


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