WLXQ at 100AM

WL and I met at Tanjong Pagar for Luncch before heading to Amara Hotel for their Wedding Showcase which the bf had registered for, right before he left for his work-vacation trip to USA! 

We visited Tori King for their Ramen which served chicken and not pork! Something different! 

I had the black spicy base while WL had the green wasabi base! Our ramen came with a big drumstick!

Ok! My drumstick was a little too red for my liking but for the tenderness in the meat, I guess I had to just accept the little redness in it. I love the thick soup base so much that I almost drank it all up!!! 

The green wasabi taste ain’t too choking, really! It is not spicy and only had a hint of a special wasabi taste in the soup base! Don’t let that green sauce scare you off! 

The bf loves to place his head behind me and that explain why my head looks bigger! 

After lunch, we went to Amara Hotel (just right beside the mall) for their wedding showcase. We sat for awhile listening to the live band (not fantastic) that was there for promotional purpose. Then followed by the introduction of the hotel features (like the ceiling, lightings, sound system whatsoever) by the manager (also a good emcee). 

And up next is, in my opinion, the most interesting segment; the feng shui talk by David Tong. He explained that feng shui is not superstition nor is it religious. It is chinese astrology with scientific studies related to it. 

All the crystals and statues that you had at home are not feng shui, those are supersitions. 

Up next is the segment to introduce makeup company, hair stylist, nails and eyebrows companies (basically is mainly an introduction of Amara In-House Saloon). 

A volunteer was asked to be the “model” for the eyebrow shaping and WL was selected!! Haha!! He looked at me kinda helpless and I just told him to go for it. And of cos, I took a few photos. Most of the time I was blocked by the stylist. 

What she did is only to remove those frays and she injured WL’s skin on the-brow-bone.  

The hairstylist segment introduced the newest style where all the hair is combed backwards and hair braided! That definitely don’t and won’t suit me! I am never gonna grow my hair long for wedding and I am never gonna comb all my hair backwards! 

We walked around the ballroom and visited the booths before going back to 100AM Mall! When we are at 100AM Mall, how could we give Tsujiri a missed?!!! Never!!! 

Tried something new! On top of the O’Matcha Soft Serve, I had Iced-Blended Hojicha! It makes my Soft Serve more fragrant with the taste of roasted green tea. 

After this, I was super full that the stomach hurts. 

We left the mall after finishing with Tsujiri. Head to EXPO for the PC Fair! WL finally bought a new laptop in replacement of the spoilt one at home. Welcome to the Lenovo Family! It will be a good buy!! 

I also got my flash drives! With an “s”! 

I am a very lazy person and have not been exploring the option of downloading itunes for the transferring of files out from my iphone! And this SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive saved me in all ways! I can now transfer my files from my iphone into this flashdrive and then into my computer / other drives (if need be).

It costs me $75 to get a 32G SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive.

At the same time, I also got myself a 64GB SanDisk Flash Drive to back up my stuff. Ever since my external hard-disk failed me, I have stopped considering backing up my stuff in a hard-disk! 

It costs me another $22 to get a 64GB SanDisk Ultra Flaire USB 3.0 Flash Drive. 

A day full of events! Right after PC Fair, we head down to the Airport for Dinner with his family at our usual restaurant! Had so much that my stomach hurts throughout the night! Haha! Well, food is still nice! Had too much due to clearing everything on the table. 😝 

WL’s mum helped to carry the souvenirs that WL bought for me from home! Thank You! 

The bf has been asking me what I want from USA! I kept telling him I have got nothing that I need or want. 

He ended up asking for my clothes sizing and type of bags I like. So I think for awhile and told him I wanted a french press and sent him the criteria that I am looking for. 

And then for the clothes: I gave him my measurement but not the measurement of my shoulder (which is always the problem causing me having to get a size bigger than what I could have been wearing). So, I have gotten 1 tee that is too tight for my shoulder and 1 tank top that is too loose. LOL! But, still can wear ba! 

Ginseng sweet is sweet and Dark Chocolate is a tad bit too bitter. More than 80% is like totally no sweetness! LOL! Healthy intense dark chocolate indeed!!! I prefer the 75% type. 

Thank you to the Bf for buying so so so many things for me from USA! My perks for having a bf who travel just so often for work 😂


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