Mum’s Birthday

It is still important to us, ladies, to have our love ones remember all the important dates. Mummy instructed us, in the absense of my lil brother, to avoid mentioning about her birthday or to suggest any birthday celebration. Mummy wants to know if lil bro remembers her birthday! 

I doubt he would forget because their birthdays are in the same month. 

Well, since mum instructed us, we just have to abide! I could not openly asked if everyone is available to have a good dinner to celebrate mummy’s birthday, so the only thing I could do is message everyone separately if they were free last sunday. At the same time, asked mummy not to cook. 

I wanted to bring them to a non-chinese restaurant and they chose japanese cuisine over western. Initially, my choice was to eat at Tonkatsu (IMM) but we ended up at the restaurant beside it. The parents said the menu looks pretty nice. 

The moment we stepped in, dad took the menu and said he will order the most expensive bento set. Haha! But the most expensive set ain’t too attractive to us. There is the red octopus that we don’t like. 

And we went for this: 

Our set came with a mini udon / don! Not too bad! 

That was our Dinner on Sunday which I have waited until today to post it up. 

As for today, the actual birthday of my dearest mummy, I asked my mum to just cook a veggie soup and I will settle the rest! I contemplated for awhile and decided to seek approval from my boss to allow me to leave work just half an hour early. My boss granted my wish and even told me I could leave an hour early! 

Haha! For reporting to work an hour early on a daily basis and knock off way past official time helps afterall! Very grateful, Really!

I rushed back to the west (it took me slightly more than an hour), met up with my sis and started walking around JP, packing food back home for dinner! 

I told mum I didn’t have the time to cook mee sua for her, so in replacement, I bought mee sua instead. 

Wefie with mummy before feasting away! 

Bro and I also bought mummy a slice of cake each. 

That was how we celebrated mummy’s birthday in our ways! 

Oh yes, I guessed it still helps remembering your mum’s birthday! 


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