Recurring Eczema

Troubled. Very troubled. 

Yesterday, I suffered from itchy eyes that causes it to be quite red and sore. Coupled with it, ezcema outbreak, right at the exact same spots again! Eye lid, cheek and corner of my lips. 

Itchy eyes! Itchy face! Dark spots from the scars (hopefully it is temporary) that I got from going through electrocautery treatment. 



4 thoughts on “Recurring Eczema”

  1. I have been having ‘itchy eyes’ for past 1.5 months. Started with red blotches at lower eye lids / dry eyes and possibly blocked tear ducts that caused drainage problems at the corner of my eyes. Some-what hypothesis. GPs said eye allergy (polyclinic) / eye lid infection (2nd opinion from another GP). From eye lid wipes (hygiene) to antihistamines (stops the itch) to hydrocortisone cream (reduce swelling), I am now on oral steroids (kill bacteria), antibiotics (prevention of further infection) and kleenex tissues for cleaning (i gave up on creams cause it just made the swelling / itching worse). My eyes went from looking like I got punched (big blue-black), now the itch has reduced, flakiness subsided and skin is recovering albeit very slowly. I have an appointment with skin centre (referral from polyclinic) next month, July. The wait-list is approx 2.5 months. I am not sure how your itchiness came about but I reckon have to really try various treatments. Hang in there! I know its super frustrating and affects mood…


    1. Oh Ya! There were a few days that I can’t help but to keep scratching my eyes. Until it is so red and sore that I can’t wear contact lens the next day!

      I went to see doctor when rashes and eczema first came out. I had oral steroids too. But this kind of medication cannot be taken long term. So I had to resort to constant application of creams.

      But creams can also cause peeling of skin.

      On and off it keeps coming back.

      You take care too.


      1. Ooo. I totally feel you. I know what you mean by it keeps coming back. Super annoying max. And there is little more that I can do too. Because the skin appointment is a fair bit away, I decided to start on oral steroids to slow the process of bacterial growth. Am actually finishing the antibiotics course too. Perhaps I would also resort to cream for the next couple of weeks. *fingers crossed!!* bless our eyes~


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