Ramen at TamPoPo

Meet up with the bf in town for Lunch and Shopping today. We hardly do shopping together, partly because I am not a shopping mall-shopping kinda person and also it is really not nice to have a bf who tags along and constantly pressing on the phone while you look at stuff. Haha..like having a companion but the companion isn’t exactly there. 

Well, and why I suggested shopping today? Haha! I had to buy some present for *Ching’s twin nieces before heading to her place for the BBQ Party! 

Before shopping, we need to fuel up! WL suggested having something nice to celebrate our monniversary. He suggested Sushi Tei at Paragon but I am not keen of walking far out (luckily we didn’t as it actually rained in the afternoon! Phew!). So I counter proposed TamPoPo since it is another place for Japanese cuisine. 

TamPoPo is located in Ngee Ann City (Or is it still part of Wisma Atria?). The restaurant was already packed with patrons when we were there. Lucky enough, there were still a couple of tables available. Very soon, we were sitted down thinking of what to order. 

The staff there were very efficient. Food was served without long wait. I would usually go for their premium black pork ramen but today, I have decided to try something different! Their original kyushu ramen! 

The ramen came with slices of meat, black fungus and an egg! The soup was really nice that I almost slurped it all up! 

The BF ordered Chirashi-Don. Look how fresh those sashimi were! 

Bf also ordereda side to share. The hotate. 

The BF finally changed his lousy phone and the current phone is so so so much better! Look at this selfie! Auto-beauty effect. 

Back camera doesn’t have beauty affect. He doesn’t need it anyway. 

And a wefie. I find the beauty effect a bit too over. Too unnatural. 

Talking about noodles, I personally prefered Ramen over Udon. Love the taste and texture of Ramen.TamPoPo serves pretty good Ramen with rich Soup Base. 

After lunch, we went for some shopping. Got the gifts and head to Marmalade Pantry for Dessert High Tea! 

Photos time before ordering our Cakes and Coffee. 

With our Cakes & Coffee! 

At around 4pm, I see the WL a bit 不耐烦, asked if I am ready to call for the bill and make a move. Then I asked if he is rushing for time. He replied a “yes” with this face straight face…

Ok, so I quickly gulped down my remaining coffee and called for the bill. And then he left me straying in town for about 2 hours before I head to *Ching’s Place for BBQ. 

It really feels weird. To have a date, who actually left you all alone at a place and then leave for his next appointment. Dejected. 我又算什么啊!

How awesome to have such 1st experience with the BF. Many of the first…And many more to come. 


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