Malacca Itinerary (1/3)

I am back to Malacca again, but it’s the 1st for this year! This trip, kind of a special one, cos I am travelling with 3 other people, new found friends. But we had to take a different coach due to pickup locations.

WL and I took the coach from Boon Lay. A photo of the BF carrying my bag. For photo only. Cos I am not someone who will allow a BF to carry my bag for no reason. 

A photo on the bus before I go to sleep. 

At break point, we had portguese tart and a mini chicken pie. 

We reached hours before the rest and so we decided to have some food. 

Visited mei xin cafe which is just right down the hotel. 

It’s really a quick meal as we don’t want to miss the friends at lobby (thinking that they would only reach half hour later than us). 

More waiting got us eating more than we should. Wasting calories on this slice of awful walnut tart at hotel lobby. 

They are finally here after about 2 hours wait. 

Super huge room and good view. 

Then, it’s start of our food trail! 

We bought the popiah (right at the stall behind which says – no photos). Popiah along Bunga Raya! Selling at RM4 each. 

We continued our walk to Jonker Street after filling a bit of their hungry stomach. 

Jonker 88 was surprising not as packed and so we decided to wait a little while for seats! We had Chendol and Assam Laksa. 

Just beside Jonker 88, Taste Better, the 1 Bite Durian Puff. Not as nice as Good Wood Park but passable. 

Back row: WL & Angus. Front row: Me, Jingjing & Yvonne. 

Guess what’s this? Sea Coconut! Fresh Sea Coconut! Anyway, don’t expect it to taste like the canned sea coconut! It is just some tasteless fruit with bitter skin if you happen to chew it. ​

What’s next? 

Sea Coconut without water…I am THIRSTY! 

I bought Hibicus Roselle Juice while the guys bought more Food! Endless eating. 

I think this is some durian pancake.

The super duper herbal tea!

We are eating while waiting for the 2 other girls do their shopping. Yes, I didn’t shop! 

Spicy squid!!! 

We, drinking watermelon juice right from the watermelon! They opened up a hole and drill the entire watermelon from the inside to break everything up. 

We also did rest at a eating place where some of them had a bit of food! The BF ate a plate of char kuay tiao while the other two girls had mee sua and cup corn. 

That’s the end of our first day in Malacca! 


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