Malacca Itinerary (2/3)

After 1 day of feasting, it is yet another day of feasting for us, here in Malacca! Yes! Malacca is all about food and more food! 

We woke up early to queue for the famous chicken rice ball right at the door step of Jonker Street. 

Along the way from our Hotel – Ramada Plaza to Joner Street, you will passby the famous River. 

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah and its forever long queue.

That’s some photos taken by JingJing! Yes, there is forever a long queue, I am emphasising it. 

However, I think it is just a hype! Everyone is advertising and promoting it. Everyone is joining the queue simply because everyone else is also queuing. Tried and tested. I would say it is nothing special or fantastic. I think my mum can cook better chicken rice (just not rolled into a ball). 

We are first in the queue. That’s the benefit for queuing half an hour before opening hour.

Not feeling satisfied, we moved on to a dim sum breakfast place. A place which is in my itinerary! Just feel like visiting it instead of wasting my calories with chicken rice. 

Low Yong Moh! They are open very early and closes around 1pm. Their queue move pretty fast and they served very fast as well! Go too late and many of their items may be out of stock!

We queued just a short while and managed to get a table! 

You are supposed to order items such as the various buns – meat bun, cha siew bun, pork belly bun and even the salted egg yolk bun!

Their meat bun is very different from those that you get from the chiller department in NTUC. 

The staff would then go around with a big tray of steamed dim sum and you will just take anything that you may want to eat. 

Interestingly, the dim sum are served in three different size of mini plates and that differentiate the costs! At the end of your meal, the boss will count the number of plates of the 3 different sizes and charge you accordingly. 

Salted Egg Yolk Buns! We were full but can’t give it a miss. Joining in the craze over salted egg yolk goodies. 

Since I havent had a cup of coffee, I went to grab one from Lao Qian Cafe. It is located within San Shu Gong (三叔公) which is a place you go to, to buy some local products. 

Today is the shopping mall day! So we walked to the stretch where the cluster of malls are lcoated for our shopping! Scenery along the way to the mall…

WL and I completed our shopping early and so we went for cakes!

We are not goingto give Nadeje a miss! We have tried original milicrepe last year and so we ordered something different this time roudn! Rums and Raisin Milicrepe! Not too bad…

After shopping for two hours, we met up with the rest for lunch.

We had lunch at Nonya Suan, located just right beside mahkota plaza. 

After lunch, we walked back to Jonker Street for a quick shopping along the street and also in 三叔公! 
After which, we walked back to hotel to relieve ourselves from all the baggages! We waited quite a long while for Jing Jing to be done. LOL!

I really don’t know what WL is doing. Trying to kick a girl’s butt in front of his gf. Tsk tsk tsk! And he also said “I love you” to JingJing in front of his gf! Doubly tsk tsk tsk! 

After JJ is done packing, we walked to Tan Kim Hock to buy more local products. Don’t think is local tho… 

We then proceeded to dinner place which is near Tan Kim Hock. It is like a hawker centre with many stalls in there. Located opposite Emperor Hotel and along Jalan Munshi Abdullah. 

Finally some fruits!

Claypot curry fish head cooked using fresh milk instead of coconut milk.

Bak Kut Teh with many ingredients.

As you can see, this is cereal prawns. 

Night scenes back at hotel. The girls took them while I visited the toilet. 

After we retreated back to our room. I started packing while WL packed a little and had a long bath before meeting his friends for card games.

They played bridge from 10-1130pm. Haha I don’t think I am expected to or could wait alone in the room and doing nothing, so I had an early night. 


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