Malacca Itinerary (3/3)

Good Morning Malacca! It’s a colorful day!

We walked towards Jonker Street for Breakfast after checking out from the hotel. 

Breakfast at Kaya Kaya Cafe; a western breakfast place. Here’s some of the food that we had:

My toast with special kaya and butter!

Duck egg spagetti! 

Ok, I have tons of photos in my album sent by them:

Group Photo!!! 

We had last round of shopping! Nothing to buy and ended up back at Nadeje. 

After Nadeje, the rest got no space for lunch but I can tell that WL had a strong wants to have another paranakan food and so the both of us head back to Nonya Suan. 

After lunch, we head back to hotel for the coach! 

The bf can’t help to lean back towards another girl! And he is happy about it. Everyone else is laughing as well. 

I am too full to lean back like him. Makes me feel too full and too fat. 

Good bye Malacca! 


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