10Scotts @ Grand Hyatt

It’s our annual tai tai-hightea session once again. This year, *Ching brought us to 10Scotts at Grand Hyatt Singapore (Located just right beside Orchard Tangs).

Didn’t managed to reserve for the lunch timing at 12noon so we decided to still go ahead, but at 3pm seating instead. 

Ambience is warm and comfortable. Definitely not a noisy place for our atas lifestyle experience. We were being arranged to a low sofa seat. At first we felt that it would be uncomfortable to eat sitting at a lower ground but we came to love and appreciate it! 

The waitresses are all dressed in a brown drape. They made us feel like we are entering a massage saloon. Well, the earth color also helps to make us feel at ease. 

We went for some little bites for our first plate. I had a scones and some other sides such as the ham, siew mai and popiah! 

Our long awaited high tea tier! Don’t ask me what’s all that cause I only remember a few:

Top tier (from left): Hot dog bun with kimchi, Tuna Sandwich, Waygu Beef and Cheese Roll, Some berries dessert topped with Sour Cream and Some Cookies in Nutty Sauce.

Bottom tier (from left): Crab Cake, Curry Puff and Vietnamese Spring Roll.

Personally, I love the Crab Cake and Curry Puff! The crust of the puff is really crunchy and soft! Crab cake on the other hand is hard but crispy (deeply fried). Other items onthe tier are either mehhh or nehhh. 

Oh! I ordered another portion of the Crab Cake and finished it all by myself 🙊 

There is also steak served during high tea. *No sashimi but there’s oysters*

And how can we missed the desserts?! 

Icecream – Vanilla / Lychee Sorbet.

Cakes – I only remember the lemon meringue! We had 2 each! 

This marks the end of our 2.5hours taitai-session at 10Scotts Grand Hyatt! 

What’s next for taitai *Qian & taitai *Ching??? 

Maybe 1 more at the end of the year??? 


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