Ayam Penyet. Paris Baguette.

Met up with a friend, CX, whom I have known since 2011 (probably) at work. Back then, we were in quite a sensitive position to keep in contact and so we didn’t really stay in touch until years later. 

He moved on while I am still in there. 

Years back, we started meeting up a few times a year. Once in awhile we will send messages. I am ver guilty of contacting him only when I need help. So I tried not to do it too often. 说到做到!

He introduced me to this Indonesia-Cuisine for our dinner tonight. Ayam Penyet Ria at Lucky Plaza. Avoid the hassle, I ordered the boneless chicken and regreted it. Cos it wasn’t as nice as the usual quarter chicken with bones. 

On top of our nasi, we ordered oxtail soup and fried egg and tofu. Really too much for us. Should have insisted not ordering my plate of nasi. 

Here’s photo of us:

After dinner, we went for Dessert at Paris Baguette. CX said they served quite nice cakes! Indeed! *Other then the strawberry cakes that I have tried before which isn’t nice*

We fought and negotiated over paying the bill for dessert. So I ended up only paying for the cakes (Earl Grey Choco & Mango Charlotte) while he paid for our drinks (Greentea Latte & Grapefruit Tea).

His Grapefruit Tea is too sour for his liking and we ended up swapping our drinks. Sour drink to balance the sweetness of the cakes. Not a bad combi for me too. 

Thanks to CX for his time and treat! 

On a side note, while having dessert at Paris Baguette, I observe what are the things that others are ordering. Find that it can be quite a nice place to have a brunch, lunch or dinner! 

They served quite decent mains, savoury sandwiches, salad, toast, tarts and desserts. They also had quite special drink such as the one I had today. 

I can foresee myself going back there for some meals soon! Yums! 


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