Day Trip to Malaysia

WL’s friend, Angus, brought us to JB and Sutera in a different way. We met at Woodlands checkpoint instead of the usual Kranji Station at 9am. 

We took Bus 903 from Woodlands Bus Interchange to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. There are quite a few buses serving between Woodlands and the train checkpoint. Whereas Kranji has only a Bus 170 that brings you from train station into Woodlands Custom.

Keyword is – Woodlands Train Checkpoint. Not custom.

Upon reaching the Train Checkpoint, we walked into the Woodlands Custom. This method helps to overcome the 1st bottleneck at Kranji Station. *The queue for Bus 170 can be quite scary on a weekend*

We were quite shocked upon stepping into the Custom. The crowd is horrendous. The queue start right at the entrance. We slowly moved in and squeezing into the crowd. Thanks to Angus, who is tall enough to see what’s in front of us. Even the uncle beside us asked for his help to check if the queue in front of him is moving well. 

After clearing the custom, here comes another scary crowd! We started queuing for SBS Bus while Angus looked out for other alternative.

He saw this empty Pink Bus AC7 that drove pass and told us to go for it instead. According to singaporebuspage, it costs RM2 flat fare if you board at JB. 

Thanks to Angus for protecting us from the back! Very much appreciated. 

First stop, our early lunch with fish head curry. 

 Then we cabbed down to sutera mall but before reaching the place, we went for durians. 

After finishing two durians, the stall owner got one of his guys to drive us to the mall. We did a massage before heading for karaoke! 

Snacks right before Dinner! 

This zi char place is near sutera mall called 佳佳苦瓜 – Place! Hahaha! Only remembered the first 4 words of the place. 


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