Our 1st Trip 

Sis have been telling me that she wants to visit Korea and many months ago, we decided to act upon it! Booked the ticket and planned the itineraries. 

All done by yours truly!

Today is the day! We are finally going to Korea! The land of ginseng, fried chicken and my dearest So Jisub! 

Thanks to WL, we got to cab from TP to Airport comfortably. I even gotten my first ever “allowance” from the bf. Thank You 🙃

WL also bought us toast and drinks just because the sis wanted to have some small bites. 

Lazy to edit photos so please pardon the brightness of the photo😝 Haha! As we are taking a red eye flight and will be starting our journey straight right after we alighted at Incheon Airport, so I brought my make up stuff up the plane. That explains the bag on my other hand.

Thanks to the bf for sending us off. 

Do wait for me to recuperate before I start blogging on my 8D7N Itinerary! 


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