Day 1 – Jeju Manjanggul Cave

Since it is the first time, Sis & I are travelling together, I made it a point to take as much photos as I can. That also includes the unglamorous ones.IMG_2089

This is the 1st photo taken using my canon compact camera. Us, waiting at the departure hall to board the gate. I have not been utilising the camera ever since it got scratched and dented. Further, my friend said that the iPhone 6plus that I am carrying has got better quality than the camera. Well, camera is still better in terms of taking photo as compared to using the front camera of the iPhone.

After we board the plane, we tried our very best to get into the sleeping mode. Failed badly even after taking sleeping supplements.IMG_6873Here’s a view while we descend to Incheon International Airport on a wonderful Tuesday. IMG_6879 IMG_6877We then dragged out luggage to take the subway to Gimpo Airport for our flight to Jeju.

First time flying a domestic flight in Korea. Didn’t know they are so prone to flight delay. Reason given – Due to flight connection.

IMG_6890 IMG_6888 IMG_6882Had light breakfast before the flight from Gimpo to Jeju Airport. IMG_6905A photo before we alight from our 2nd flight of the day. *Tired Max*      IMG_6896A moment you see clouds.IMG_6898A moment you see the sea.IMG_6900And when it is about to land, you see roads & buildings.IMG_6904About to send a bump on your bums. IMG_6910And we finally arrived at Jeju Airport!

Collected out luggage, took a shuttle bus to collect our car before starting our journey in Jeju. And of course, first stop is to have a lunch, even though we weren’t hungry at all. IMG_6911 IMG_6912 IMG_6913 IMG_6916 IMG_6923 IMG_6925The problem with Jeju is that it is really difficult to communicate. There really isn’t many people who can speak English or Mandarin. Luckily enough for us, there is a china lady working in the shop.

We ordered stir fried spicy chicken with vermicelli noodles. Ordered a medium serving and realising thereafter that it is too much for 2 person. Small serving is sufficient for 2-3 pax.

After lunch, I realised we have got not much time to travel to our next destination – Jeju Manjanggul Cave. Last entry is at 5.10pm and we only managed to leave the lunch venue at 4pm.

Along the way, the heavy traffic and multiple traffic lights with operating speed cameras ain’t really helping our situation. Keep doing time check on the GPS and speed up the moment I had the chance to.

We managed to reach at 5pm. Ran out of the car and towards the entrance to get our ticket before they forbid us to enter the cave! (There is a man holding a long rope at the entrance doing time-check) PHEW! We almost thought we may just missed this attraction.IMG_6929We quickly took a photo with our ticket and zoomed down into the cave. That’s because the cave closes at 6pm and we had only an hour to walk deep into the cave and out. Guessed what, it took us more than half an hour to walk right to the end of this lava tube on the uneven wet ground. IMG_2090 IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2108 IMG_2122 IMG_2141 IMG_2144 IMG_2150 IMG_2157 IMG_2159 IMG_2165 IMG_2166Manjanggul Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage, is a natural lava tunnel. It is pretty dark, moist and cold in the tunnel. The ground is really wet and uneven, however, you still see people walking in sandles. IMG_2175 IMG_2176After more than 30mins walk, we finally reached the end of the lava tube. This is the photo quality that I got (Sian!)

Along the way, I kept asking my sis if she wants to turn back and return to day light. I see her walking behind me, saying it is cold and wet, tired and difficult to walk on uneven ground. And people in front of me is getting lesser while there are nobody else behind us.

I am still glad that we completed the whole course. That’s our only exercise of the day. As compared to the feast we had, that’s maybe a 5-10% calories burnt. Heex! IMG_2177The fairy-tale-like walkway on our way back to the carpark. IMG_6933Sis with our car! Set as a reminder on our car plate number. And it is another drive to our accommodation of the day. IMG_6935 IMG_6943Pardon the view of our (or rather mine) luggage. We booked a room at Preun Jeju Pension. They had about 3-4 storeys with about 3 units per level. A simple room for the day before we head out for our 2nd day in Jeju. After unpacking for the day, we had a short rest before walking out in search for dinner.

Preun Jeju Pension had a restaurant selling black pork BBQ at the ground level. However, we gave it a missed because I had some other place in mind for BBQ Black Pork. IMG_6955 IMG_6956 IMG_6957This is where we had our dinner. At some random restaurant along some random street. It should be within 10-15mins walk from our Hotel.IMG_6954 IMG_6953 IMG_6947Our Dinner with lots of Sides. Abalone Seafood Pot with Stir-fried Octopus.

I would say, this definitely doesn’t suit our taste buds. Firstly, the seafood pot taste weird. The seafood in it were all very fresh however the soup taste weird. Ask if I would eat again, I will, but I won’t drink that soup.

Secondly, the stir-fried octopus is really saltish. Eat a little with the Bap (Rice) and it is perfectly find. However, it is simply impossible for us to eat a lot of Rice for that super big plate of Octopus.

Ask if I would eat it again, No. I will save my calories and cholesterol for other things. Maybe on some fresh and live moving Octopus.


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