Day 3 – From Jeju to Seoul

We are finally travelling back to the more city-like Seoul! Don’t misunderstood my exclamation. I love doing hiking, visiting non-city places, looking at landscapes on vacations. However, it is quite tiring for me to do the driving and not being able to enjoy long and slow walks due to time constraints.

My sis was telling me that, never did she expect herself to be taking so many flights within such short period. In total, we took 3 flights in 3 days. Every single flight, we have to prepare the motion sickness bag right in front of my sis’s seat. Also, I have to do time check, ensure that she eats the motion sickness pill 30 minutes before our flight. Ever since we realised that the sleeping supplements don’t work, my motion sickness pill came to good use! Those pills were bought during my melbourne trip (that was like at least 2 years ago) which is about to expire and it is still untouched. All thanks to the sis, it didn’t gone to waste. Haha!

We will only reach Seoul past lunch time. So we had some small bites before our flight. After walking around the airport, rice & noodles selection just ain’t appetising enough to attract our attention. Ended up in Paris Baguette! Had desserts and drinks.

IMG_7039 IMG_7049

Macroon Ice-Cream & Cheesecake! Happy Tummies.IMG_7042(e) IMG_7044(e) IMG_7061(e)

After taking a break in the cafe, we headed into the departure hall.IMG_7077(e) IMG_7078(e)The departure hall is filled with many Chinese. And they were all talking very loudly 😦 IMG_7079 IMG_7080(e) IMG_7081(e) IMG_7082Boarded the plane! The koreans sitting beside us were complaining about the noise. :S I can’t even take a nap as well. Very embarrased. IMG_7084(e)

Haha! This caught my attention. Someone on the JejuAir Magazine.IMG_7092 IMG_7095When you see this kind of hardscape, you knew you are well behind Jeju and approaching the City. IMG_7097(e) IMG_7098(e)After getting off the plane, we need to take a train to our accomodation! Selfie taken in AREX before changing to some other lines. IMG_7100 IMG_7102(e)This is the station that we have been passing by quite frequent during our trip! IMG_7103Checked into our room for the next 5 nights. It is a cozy little room with a mini kitchen and a mini toilet. It comes with almost anything that we need. From a kettle to a washer.

After settling down, we decided to go Gangnam for late lunch / early dinner at Kyochon. IMG_7112(e) IMG_7114(e) IMG_7115(e) IMG_7117(e) IMG_7121(e)I did my research on the location and according to the posted by bloggers, you should be able to see the shop front at the ground floor. BUT, when we were there, we simply can’t locate it.

After much roaming around and screening the surrounding in a more detailed manner, we finally found it. It is located at the 2nd floor. You can either take the stairs or lift up. We ordered a whole chicken in 2 different flavors. They called it the Half and Half Series.

The Half and Half Series consists of Original & Red Series (Spicy). It is really tad nice that I also ate the fried chicken skin. [Haha! Sis & I were taught from young to remove the skin of any poultry before we eat it. It has became our habit.]

Right after having our fried chicken. Feeling satisfied, we started to do our shopping! Along Gangnam shopping street, underground malls at Gangnam Station and to Express Bus Terminal Shopping (Go To Mall).

It wasn’t really a satisfying shopping trip. We were both quite disappointed with the things that they were selling. Clothes are more or less the same across all the shops and they weren’t exactly suitable to be worn to office. Not my style. Just not my style.

We still bought a few tops that night. It came handy in our days to come (in Seoul).


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