Day 4 – Changdeokgung’s Princesses

Instead of preparing breakfast and having it before heading out to start our brand new day in Seoul, we decided to take a walk in the neighbourhood near Anguk Station.

After walking a few streets under the scorching sun, not putting their convenient stores into our considerations, we had no choice but to hop into Paris Baguette. Yes, I know, I have been having too much of Paris Baguette in Korea. Apparently, the Koreans don’t have a habit of having early Breakfast out in restaurants. I see most of their eateries open at only 11am. IMG_7142(e) IMG_7146(e) IMG_7148(e) IMG_7150(e) IMG_7153(e)A mini bakery with 2 sets of tables. Actually, we have been eyeing on the Matcha Swiss Roll. It has to be placed in a cool environment and that explain why we can’t buy it there and then. Mental reminder to buy it at Incheon Airport if we happen to see it. (But we didn’t. LOL!)

Our Itinerary for the day – Starting with Changdeokgung Palace cum Secret Garden Tour followed by Hanok Village and Ssamziegil at Insadong.

Prior to our travel, about 2 months in advance, I made my reservation for the Secret Garden Tour. Secret Garden is a guided-tour-only kind of place. One can only enter the Secret Garden within Changdeokgung Palace with reservation made. We had about an hour of walk in Changdeokgung Palace before our tour which starts at 1130am. IMG_7161(e) IMG_7160(e)As you can see, the palace was not really sheltered. Coupled with the hot weather, we are totally burnt after few hours under the sun. IMG_7164(e) IMG_7165(e) IMG_7170(e) Haha! We couldn’t open our eyes properly for the photo. That’s the result of forgetting to pack the sunglasses. [We haven’t start serious shopping as yet.]IMG_7172(e) IMG_7173(e)After awhile, you come to realise the various residences are like what you seen in Korean dramas. Residences for the doctors, the library, the horse stables, the kitchen, the meeting areas and for the Queen and various concubines are very much different in terms of interior design and furnishings.

Different Kings of different character and personality tends to have different requirements for their residences.

Found a spot with nobody around. Time for an OOTD!IMG_7174(e) IMG_7175(e) IMG_7176(e)I quite like the symmetrical environment. It calms my mind. IMG_7185(e) IMG_7190(e) IMG_7193(e)IMG_7191(e)I am not good at capturing good photos and only places without much disturbance makes me feel like having a photo with it. I have to adjust the camera and ask the sis not to move the camera away from the “stipulated” spot. Tough Job! IMG_7196(e)IMG_7195(e)Clean picture. Another reason of taking this photo. These are the steps towards the Door of Glory. Hahah! That’s what it is stated above the Door – “Door of Glory”. IMG_7206(e)Surprised to see no one in it! Not too sure which residence is it. Every Singaporean living in the usual HDB would love to have such big yard right outside your doorstep. Love it even more if that piece of land belongs to you. IMG_7208(e)IMG_7209(e) IMG_7211(e)I can totally imagine myself, wearing hanbok, walking like a Queen into my Room. Hahaha! IMG_7219(e) imageWhile Sis captured me walking into this low headroom pathway, I captured her walking out! IMG_7226(e)And back to my fantasy, visualising myself wearing hanbok running away from the Palace. LOL! Watch too much Korean drama – likereal. IMG_7233(e) IMG_7241(e) IMG_7257(e) IMG_7258(e)Haha! Actually I took many more photos than all that I have uploaded. Only the CLEAN Photos are worthy to be uploaded. IMG_7261(e) IMG_7264(e)Haha! Sis said it feels like inviting people into her house and so she made me do something similar like a bow. PalaceJump shots for me and 1 for sis coming up. IMG_7293(e)She whined but she did it eventually.IMG_7305(e)One last photo in Changdeokgung Palace.

Secret Garden is quite disappointing. I expected to see nice greenery with maple trees lined along the garden, white stone chairs, granite tiled floors and grand pavilions.

But I see these…IMG_7326(e) IMG_7328(e) IMG_7342(e) IMG_7369(e)That’s it! These are the nicest  photos that I have of the place. Blame it on my lousy photography skill. IMG_7391 IMG_7386(e) IMG_7387(e) IMG_7385(e)After Changdeokgung Palace and Secret Garden Tour, we took the subway for just 1 stop and queued for Tosokchon Samgyetang. The long queue moves pretty fast and they served really fast as well. I had the black chicken while my sis had the original chicken.

We had the time to read the instructions on how to eat Tosokchon Samgyetang. The small cup of yellowish liquid is the Ginseng Liquor (Insamju). You can have it before, during or after your meal to suit your taste. We sipped it before, during and after our meal. We even mixed it into our soup for a more Ginseng-Taste in our soup. IMG_7393(e)I have only 1 intention of visiting this mall along Insadong. At level 4 (the top floor before getting onto the rooftop), there is this neoprint shop which provides a simplified version of hanbok for neoprint-taking. Since the Sis decided to forgo the traditional experience that I have suggested, I brought her to the neoprint shop instead. IMG_7396(e) IMG_7397(e) IMG_7398(e)We are very full but in need to sit down in a cooler place with ICE. O’ Sulloc has got quite a number of outlets in Seoul. This Matcha Shave Ice isn’t cheap. It probably cost around SGD21.

After Insadong, we didn’t go for Hanok Village but instead, we travelled to Myeongdong and started our unplanned Shopping Trip. We shopped for around 2 hours or so before settling down for a simple dinner at Gimgane Myeongdong. IMG_7408(e) IMG_7411(e) IMG_7412(e) IMG_7414(e) IMG_7415(e)Can you see the shopping bags on the table and on the chair beside us?!! Haha!! I am glad I brought along a nice looking recycling bag. It allows me to carry more stuff without feeling heavy.

That’s all for the day. It is really TIRING!

p.s.: I will cover my shopping trip in another post.


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