Day 8 – Seoul to Singapore

It is the very last day of our Travel to Korea. We really spent quite a bit of time in our room before leaving our accommodation to do 1 last walk around Sinsa-Dong.

One last visit to Line Friends Store.IMG_7802 IMG_7803 IMG_7804Since the queue to take photo with Brown is short, we decided to just queue for it. Took a photo and leave the place.

We walked from our accommodation to Sinsa-Dong and back home. Went Pizza Hut for Lunch before heading back home. And then it is a tiring trip from Apgujeong Station to Incheon International Airport! Especially with 2 luggages (1 hand carry & 1 roller luggage) each, we really had a good exercise moving them. Not forgetting getting some help from the local. Uncles helped sis & I to move our luggage up the stairs at Seoul Station! Seriously tough without escalator and lifts. IMG_7813 IMG_7815And we are finally at Incheon International Airport. PHEW!

We checked-in at the counters, did our tax-refund scanning, checked in our baggage, clear the custom into departure hall, get our cash from tax-refund counters, took internal train to our departure gate and it is finally time for us to FLY. IMG_7822Last photo at the land of ginseng.


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