Unspoken Feelings

There are days where I find myself typing away in the facebook status bar and the next moment clicking on the backspace and deleting all words away.

There are days where many issues are running within my mind, feeling so heavy and wanting to vent it out in my blog but the next moment I find myself telling my own brain that putting it in my blog is not the way to go about expressing them.

These simply tells me that I am in need to start writing a diary again. A forum for me and myself. 

I was sharing about venue “shopping” to hold wedding banquet. I would say ladies definitely understand all the woo(s) that people may go through during that process. 

I am unsure how I will tide through or I may just sink somewhere. Someone who got so strong that she hardly cries, yet, cried every single time on unexpected matters. Just too often. 

Said goodbye to Grand Hyatt and almost am about to embrace MBS until my friends voiced out in objection.

I have a one month period and hope everything will go well or better. Forget about perfection. 

In life, there are people who stuck their head through all sorts of shit, while there are others who had the courage to let go. Well…that’s life. 


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