Last Day of Work

Temporarily, my last day of work before I embarked on my road to torturous or maybe stressful studies. Still, it would be a good opportunity to learn and re-learn companied by a good 9-months break away from work. 

My team and Anna got me a bag of goodies with a hand-written card! Love them 😘 Items that I am supposed to use and go school prettier each day. 

Friends treated us (It is also Christopher’s farewell) to lunch and a celebratory cake. 

It is a day of laughters! Farewell celebration + no-gap-day celebration!!! Why a no-gap-day?? 

Back then when Chris was still attached, he is very conscious about going out with us for just a meal. And, he would stand far apart from us during photo-taking that he could be cropped out of the photo. 

But now that his status is different, we demanded a no-gap-day! 

Back in office, we had a cake-cutting session! Yummy ice cream cake! 

Some funny moments: 

And some normal ones: 


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