I am not alone…

I wanted to sing just this line: “I am not alone”.

I am definitely not the only person feeling stress over this semester modules and work load. Chris, similar to my case, insomnia we experienced. Dominick, he had a bad dream that made him jumped right out from his afternoon nap during lunch time. 

I got this as motivational vitamin cos I was found stoning at the ceiling and was told I looked very stress this week (must be my swollen eyes that never seems to recover): 

Skip all points and go right straight to the very last paragraph where the author said that happiness is where you live in an environment filled with love. 

And I replied, I am indeed blessed and fortunate to have those guys as my classmates and as my friends. 

Henry, who said that lady is the flower in our industry. Chris, said that Xiao Qian (that’s me) is enough, the other girls 他看不上眼 (not attracted to the other girls). Dominick, younger than me by few months and insisted of being a 哥哥 (older brother). Jim, who always ask me to go have my dinner. 

On a side note, I was about to whine why nobody offer to help me carry my 2nd bag and Jim offered right away without me having to ask. Followed by Dom, always helping me with my laptop and extra bag willingly and automatically. How nice to be pampered ☺️


They brightened up my life with lots of laughters admist our stress and worries. 


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