Issho Izakaya

The bf said he has gotten some vouchers to Issho Izakaya, and so despite the distant (for me), we have decided to go try it out.

Issho Izakaya is located in Kallang Wave Mall which is located at Stadium MRT Station (Circle Line). A Japanese restaurant with quite a goof variety of food.

It was a Wednesday, and the restaurant had their man’s day promotion whereby the table with a man can get a 30% discount off your bill and the beer is going at a discounted rate as well. *I vaguely remembered it was $1 for the 2nd bottle and onwards.

WL’s has a voucher which entitles us to a 50% off a $100 Bill. After much deliberation, we decided to use his voucher instead of getting the in-house promotion. $100 seems a lot at first but it is just nice to fill our entire table for 2. img_9141 img_9142 img_9145 img_9146 img_9153All these worth $100.50 in total. I simply love my waygu beef served chilled and the crunchy Kawahagi Yaki. Not forgetting the Sashimi! The bf had Chirashi Don as his main and shared all the side dishes.

Totally pampered for the day.

The person who served us, feifei hana, is a cheerful and chatty young lady. She made recommendation and gave us her opinions. Helped us with the photo and complimented me. Good to have such an extrovert staff brightening up the atmosphere. img_9172 img_9173


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