Long Pants Day

Somehow, Chris was the nominated person to do the presentation on behalf of his group. And the guy who usually come to class in his tee and shorts came to class today with polo tee and long pants.

Such rare instance deserves to have a photo taken. After scrolling through the 3 other photos below, you will soon know that he is the buffest among the guys. I was told he used to be skinny until he started going to gym for strength training. By the way, I quite like his onitsuka tiger sneakers. I almost bought myself a pair.

Dom happened to be the appointed photographer for us. He gave direction and ask me to extend my legs longer. I rolled my eyes and told him this is the maximum I can go with my short legs.

Since the guys were all there, they took turn to have a photo with me la. 🙊 Heres another younger one, Henry. He told us that he used to be darker and fatter. Someone successfully lost quite a bit of fats and put on some muscles. And the tallest one, Jim. The only Singaporean guy in the group. He is a part time student and will join us for dinner whenever he is in school for class. He is the one who always accompanied me in school earlier than the rest on every Tuesday. Lastly, the darkest one, Dominick. The man who scares me with his level of observant. Worth 2 thumbs up! Unfortunately, he is my 大哥 in school despite being younger.

Bringing to you, my 4 knights. 😁

On a side note, out of so many months in school, this is the 2nd time they complimented by dressing. 2nd time! OMY! Seems like I have not been dressing well for school.


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